Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Everything I need to know I learned from my Cowhorse.

In these uncertain times, I have found that my experience training and showing cowhorses parallels life. I have been thinking a lot about happiness and success and every time I try and explain it I can liken it to a lesson learned from my horses. I reached out to my readership for their input and many of these concepts have come from their mouths as well. In the spirit of the New Year with your life and your cowhorse, keep these things in mind.

1. Perspective: Life is like the cow you draw, there are good days, ones you wish you could forget and ones you will never forget. Every time you walk in the pen, remember that you are lucky and thankful to be there, regardless of the score.
2. Timing: A good run, like a good day, is all about how you get started. If you come out of the corner late, it is hell to get caught up. You just end up chasing your cow through the rest of the run. Sometimes you have to just circle up, get out of there and think about your next run.
3. Trust: Your relationship with your horse is a partnership. Like any marriage you need trust, compassion and understanding. Both you and your horse have to trust each other and work together to make a run successful.
3. Practice is everything. If you aren't prepared when you walk in the pen, magic is not going to happen. Your commitment and time spent preparing at home is as important as the show day.
4. Talent is important, but it isn't everything. Hard work, focus and perseverance go a long way towards achieving your goals. If you want to be the best you can, you have eat, breathe and live it.
5. Risk: You have to be willing to take a few calculated risks. No one has ever become famous or successful by playing it safe. Don't be afraid to hang it out there and you may be surprised to find you are greater than you ever thought you could be.
6. Luck: Every once in a while you are gifted. Enjoy it and take advantage of it. It isn't really luck if you were there to receive it. Think of it as a reward for putting yourself out there. The same with bad luck, it happens to everyone and it isn't personal. When you fall off, dust yourself off and get back on your horse.
7. Confidence: Trust your horse, your training, your knowledge and your instinct. Believe in your horse and your ability to handle whatever comes out of the gate.
8. Focus: Never take your eye off the cow. If you keep your eye on your goal, no matter what turns life makes, you will be right there with it.
9.Courage: It is noble in life to try for something great. Whether horse or human this is the greatest of all the virtues. Heart. Sometimes you have to be brave enough to simply put your hand down and RIDE BY!
10. It's all about the ride, don't forget to enjoy it! "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West

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