Sunday, September 11, 2011

Willfully Guided: Training through the eyes of your horse.

I have put a lot of thought into the direction that I want this program to go. Willfully Guided is the philosophy of horse/human relationship that I have developed over years of training horses and people. At its core, Willfully Guided is learning to see the world through the eyes of your horse, and utilize that knowledge in a structured and well thought out training regimen. Whether training a performance horse, or simply improving your abilities and relationship with your horse, it all starts with a solid philosophy and the understanding of some absolute truths about horses and the horse/human relationship. With this solid foundation, you are creating a mission statement of sorts. If you have a grasp of the "Why" of what you are doing, you are much more capable of having the desired result and obtaining forward motion in your training. In each moment you spend with your horse, every motion relates back to this belief system. Every drill and technique is designed with these truths in mind. This is true for all levels and disciplines of horsemanship. I believe in the ability of an individual to train their own horse, but with this comes great responsibility. It is not a venture for just anyone, and certainly not for the close minded or weak hearted. If you desire to be the horseman or woman you have always wanted to be, I invite you to come along for the ride with me. Together we can move towards the goal of having a happy, healthy, reliable, well trained horse that is on a path to reaching his full potential. I welcome your comments, questions, stories and experiences.

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